2009-07-15 - Rainstorm



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    That’s the thinking of a creative mind

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    Another book plot of mine, is it alright or nedeing an overhaul?Ok, so to avoid wall of text again, Im going to make this as short as possible, and I haven’t really thought the entire story through, yet.The story, is about a young, arrogant fresh-out-of-college Psychiatrist who has just started work and has been given more than he had expected to start with. A nice, large office, plenty of control over who he meets with, and whatever assignments of drugs he wishes. Eventually, being young and stupid, he becomes corrupt. He decides to meet mainly with female patients, and few male patients, and he wants to see how far he can get with the prettier patients. Unfortunately for him, most of the patients aren’t exactly his forte in looks, and he soon starts giving up on one-on-one meetings. Soon, however, he meets with the perfect girl. A vulnerable 23 year old woman who is perfectly beautiful but psychologically ruined. He feels an immediate attachment, and he realizes he wants to get her in his bed sooner or later, which it is strictly against code to be too friendly with patients, but there isn’t really anyone to stop him. Eventually he gets really close to her, and he begins doing her in his office, with noticeable effects on her mind. She falls in love with him and becomes obsessed, any minute away from him is torture, and she kills herself when he doesn’t speak to her for a month. He is emotionally destroyed by the fact. He is legally in the clear because nobody found out about the affair, but he is gradually becoming insane because he loved her as well. Eventually, he goes crazy, and ends up on the pills he had been prescribing to his own patients, and he realizes what’s going on, and kills himself, in the insane asylum.The moral of the story is that Psychiatrists have it tough, and they can sometimes get too involved with their patients. Also, the patients can be beautiful, every day people just like us, and that we need to appreciate the few people in the profession who can survive the ill effects of losing these patients to suicide and what suicide does to others, and learning the dangers of becoming too involved with someone who is mentally unstable as well, but still try to help them to the best of our ability.This story I have titled Shrink .

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    Recently I took my 21 month old daughter Natalie to see Dr Mark Smith who has been my motehrs chiropractor for just over a year. I was concerned that Natalie appeared to be having trouble walking straight. She appeared very stiff and bent over while walking. After the treatment i was thrilled to see that her posture improved significantly and Natalie went from being very bent over to almost straight. Natalie is now walking around and climbing so much more since the treatment. I wish to give Dr Smith a big thank you. – Sarah

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