Our Wedding Highlight Video

October 22nd, 2012 · 3 Comments

Here is our wedding highlight video!  Many compliments to Cloudless for their awesome work during our wedding.

KRISTINE & COREY {Santa Barbara, CA} from Cloudless on Vimeo.

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Honeymoon Pictures – Santa Barbara Zoo

August 11th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the next post in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

Kristine and I got married on a Friday, and waited until Sunday to leave for the honeymoon.  What a GREAT decision that was.  It gave us an extra day to spend with our family, and gave us a day to relax. Also, extra time to pack for the honeymoon considering that was something that wasn’t too high on the to-do list before the wedding.

We invited our guests to come join us at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  It was awesome.

“Say hi to your mother for me.”

“Come at me, bro!”

(This is a Capybara, the world’s largest rodent.)

Many thanks to our good friend Dylan, who told everyone they were going to the Santa Barbara Mission, but drove them to the zoo instead.

You can feed the giraffes!

In this picture, I tried to pet the giraffe.  That’s a big NO NO. Mr. Giraffe wasn’t a fan. I want to take the opportunity to personally apologize to the giraffe for me being an idiot. I’m sorry.

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Honeymoon Pictures – Underwater Bora Bora – Part Deux – Sharks and Stingrays

August 8th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the next post in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

This set of pictures are from Bora Bora, and are from the ecotour we went on. It featured stingrays and black-tip sharks.

(there’s no optical zoom on my camera. The shark was really close.)


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Honeymoon Pictures – Underwater Bora Bora – Part One

August 8th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the next post in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

This set of photos were taken in Bora Bora.

(If you look closely, you’ll see a really long, thin fish.)

(I really like the look on the fish’s face.)

(If you look in the middle, you can see fish that are like Gill from Finding Nemo.)

(I was really happy with the clarity of this shot.)

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Reverse Fantasy Football – The Bizzaro League

August 7th, 2012 · No Comments

I am going to be starting a Reverse Fantasy Football League, henceforth known as the Bizzaro Leauge.

The goal is to incentivize picking players with poor performance and rewarding points for actions such as incomplete passes, interceptions, fumbles, and missed field goals.

Guiding thoughts:

  • In order to fit within ESPN’s scoring system, the goal is to still get as many points as possible. You still want to win every week. I have implemented a custom scoring system which awards positive points for bad events. For example, for every interception thrown, a quarterback gains five points.
  • There will be no negative points awarded for good events. The reason for this is that for a given week, a QB could go on a tear and score a bunch of touchdowns, and if you assign negative points for those “good” actions, your QB might have a negative value for the week. You would have been better off playing a benchwarmer that week because you’d have a zero instead of negative points. I want to shy away from that, so there will be no negative points given.

Below you’ll find Version 1.0 of the scoring table. Click to view!

I’m up for discussion about the points system!

And here’s the setup of the positions:

  • Quarterback (1)
  • Kicker (1)
  • Punter (1)
  • Defense (1)
  • Head Coach (1)
  • Flex [Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End] (6)
  • Bench (7)

Some thoughts on each position:

Quarterbacks – These are the bread and butter of the league. There are enough settings here to really put points behind negative events. Incomplete passes are .2 points, each sack is 1 points, and interceptions are 5 points. Add that with the 10 points for fumbles that apply to all players, and it makes for the highest-scoring position.

Kickers – There’s a slew of opportunities to gain points for kickers. Essentially, if a kicker misses, you get points. Far-away missed kicks are more common, hence less points.  Closer missed kicks are rewarded as such. And if a kicker misses a PAT, it’s going to rain points all over your team. However, is 48 points for a missed kick too much?  I argue no.  It happens so rarely that when it does, you should be rewarded.

Punters – The only truly negative event for punters are blocked punts, and you really want to award points if that happens. You can also receive points every time the punter punts, so a poor offense means more points for the punter. From a skill perspective, there’s a bonus based on punting average. The worse it is, the more points you get.

Defenses – Defenses will gain .1 points for every actual point they give up. It’s not very much, but there are “bonus” fantasy points that can be gained by giving up more actual points. There are additional “bonus” fantasy points to be won based on the number of yards given up. The thought is, if you give up yards and you give up points, you’ll be rewarded with more fantasy points.

Head Coach – Did you know this was a position you could draft? Basically, the head coach is tied to the team, and you can gain or lose points based on how the team does. This made it an easy choice to include, as it was easy to come up with a scheme to award points. This is also slightly different than a defense. Defenses are only ranked on what they give up. However, head coaches are based on MARGIN of loss. Essentially, you’re banking on a team to lose, and you get bonus points for how badly they lose. Also, you get the same base points if your head coach ties as you do in a loss. Because ties are terrible and deserve to be ridiculed.

Flex – Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends – The only thing in ESPN that can affect these position players are fumbles. The max any individual player fumbled last year was three times. If I counted correctly, there were 156 fumbles last season by these three types of players, meaning less than 10 fumbles per week across the whole league! As a result, there are six spots that are basically wild-card spots each week in the hopes that someone that you pick fumbles, at which points you get a nice bonus of 10 points.

Are you interested in playing? I’m looking for anywhere from 4 to 16 teams. Drop me a line, and I’ll send you an invite!

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Honeymoon Pictures – Underwater Moorea

August 7th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the next in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

These pictures were taken with our underwater camera in Moorea.

This last one is probably my favorite shot from Moorea.



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Photobombing Fish

August 6th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the next post in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

Kristine and I bought an underwater camera for our honeymoon, and it was well worth it.

The camera produced a number of excellent shots, which we’ll share in a future post.  However, the focus feature left a bit to be desired, but had the unintended upside of a series of picture of photobombing fish.


“Hello! Welcome to the water!”

“Hi! I’m Ralph!”

“What are you doing? Taking pictures? I love pictures!”

“What are you taking pictures of?”

“Do you like coral? There’s some sweet coral over here…”

“Yeah dude, it’s right behind me! Did you get it?”

“Wait what? You want me to move?

“Let me just move out of the way…”

“Just a little more…OK, pan down!”

“BOOM! Coral.”

“Alright, that was fun. Got to go!”

“Sorry about Ralph. He’s a real camera hog. At least he’s not as bad as Frank…”

“Did someone call me?”

“Seriously, was it you?”

“So what are you doing there? Coral pictures? Do you need help?”

“Seriously, I know where the good coral is.”

“This stuff is bad coral. You should look elsewhere.”

“Now this is some great looking coral! Did you get it?”

“Hey! Now that’s some top-notch coral. Good work, kid.”

“I don’t see what’s so funny about photobombing fish.”


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Dog Goes Swimming

July 26th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the first in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

Read with a faux British accent for the best effect.

“Hmmm, yes. It’s a hot day out.”

“I think I’ll have a quick drink.”

“Isn’t this water just the most delicious…”

“…oh hogwash!”

“Well now, this isn’t so bad now, is it?”

“Hmmm.  I’m falling asleep. I’m getting out.”

“Look at me. I’m going to do my rabbit impression!”

“A wild dog appears! It’s super effective!”

“Enough of these shenanigans.  I’m drying off now.”

“Let’s inspect the perimeter one last time to make sure I didn’t forget anything.”


“Is that Ball?”

“I swore I left Ball here a minute ago.”

“Oh well.  Let me face-plant here and take a nap.  We’ll find Ball later.”

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Anakin Skywalker Will Not Attend Jedis’ Tatooine Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

April 11th, 2012 · No Comments

To: The Tatooine Hall Of Fame, Jedi Fans and Whom It May Concern,

When the nominations for the Tatooine Hall Of Fame were first announced I had mixed emotions but, in an effort to be positive, wanting to make the most of things for the fans and with their enthusiasm, I was honored, excited and hoped that somehow this would be a good thing. Of course I realized as things stood, if Jedis were to be inducted it’d be somewhat of a complicated or awkward situation.

Since then we’ve listened to fans, talked with members of the board of the Hall Of Fame, communicated with and read various public comments and jabs from former Jedis, had discussions with the president of the Hall Of Fame, read various press (some legit, some contrived) and read other artists’ comments weighing in publicly on Jedis and the Hall with their thoughts.

Under the circumstances I feel we’ve been polite, courteous, and open to an amicable solution in our efforts to work something out. Taking into consideration the history of Jedis, those who plan to attend along with those the Hall for reasons of their own, have chosen to include in “our” induction (that for the record are decisions I don’t agree with, support or feel the Hall has any right to make), and how (albeit no easy task) those involved with the Hall have handled things… no offense meant to anyone but the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony doesn’t appear to be somewhere I’m actually wanted or respected.

For the record, I would not begrudge anyone from Jedis their accomplishments or recognition for such. Neither I or anyone in my camp has made any requests or demands of the Hall Of Fame. It’s their show not mine.

That said, I won’t be attending The Tatooine Hall Of Fame Induction 2012 Ceremony and I respectfully decline my induction as a Jedi to the Tatooine Hall Of Fame.

I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf. Neither former members, label representatives nor the Tatooine Hall Of Fame should imply whether directly, indirectly or by omission that I am included in any purported induction of “Jedis”.

This decision is personal. This letter is to help clarify things from my and my camp’s perspective. Neither is meant to offend, attack or condemn. Except if you’re a Jedi, at which point I will hunt you down and kill you myself. Though unfortunately I’m sure there will be those who take offense (God knows how long I’ll have to contend with the fallout), I certainly don’t intend to disappoint anyone, especially the Emperor, with this decision. Since the announcement of the nomination we’ve actively sought out a solution to what, with all things considered, appears to be a no win, at least for me, “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” scenario all the way around.

In regard to a reunion of any kind of either the Yoda or Kenobi lineups, I’ve publicly made myself more than clear. Nothing’s changed.

The only reason, at this point, under the circumstances, in my opinion whether under the guise of “for the fans” or whatever justification of the moment, for anyone to continue to ask, suggest or demand a reunion are misguided attempts to distract from our efforts with our current lineup of myself, Max Rebo, Jabba the Hutt, Bobba Fett, Kendal Ozzel, Firmus Piett, Chancellor “Bumblefoot” Palpatine, and DJ Greedo.

Watto came out with us a few times back in ’06 and I invited him to join us at our Hoth Forum show last year. Typho was at our show at the Hard Rock, later in ’06 in Cloud City, where I invited him to our after-party and was rewarded with his subsequent interviews filled with reunion lies. Lesson learned. Jar-Jar joined us in 2010 and again in ’11 along with his band, Loaded, opening in Coruscant and Utapau. For me, with the exception of Watto or Jar-Jar joining us on stage if they were so inclined somewhere in the future for a song or two, that’s enough.

There’s a seemingly endless amount of revisionism and fantasies out there for the sake of self-promotion and business opportunities masking the actual realities. Until every single one of those generating from or originating with the earlier lineups has been brought out in the light, there isn’t room to consider a conversation let alone a reunion.

Maybe if it were you it’d be different. Maybe you wouldn’t have killed those young children. Maybe you’d do it for this reason or that. Peace, midichlorians, whatever. I love the dark side now. We’re there for each other when the going get’s rough. We love our fans and work to give them every ounce of energy and force we can.

So let sleeping sarlaccs lie or lying sarlaccs sleep or whatever. Time to move on. People get divorced. Life doesn’t owe you your own personal happy ending especially at another’s, or in this case several others’, expense.

But hey if ya gotta then maybe we can get the “no show, grandstanding, jedi mind-trick, disrespectful, he doesn’t care about the fans” crap out of the way as quickly as we can and let’s move on. No one’s taking the ball and going home. Don’t get it twisted. For more than a decade and a half we’ve endured the double standards, the greed of this galaxy and the ever present seemingly limitless supply of wannabes and unscrupulous, irresponsible media types. Not to imply anything in this particular circumstance, but from my perspective in regard to both the Hall and a reunion, the ball’s never been in our court.

In closing, regardless of this decision and as hard to believe or as ironic as it may seem, I’d like to sincerely thank the board for their nomination and their votes for Jedis’ induction. More importantly I’d like to thank the fans for being there over the years, making any success we’ve had possible and for enjoying and supporting Jedis. In fact, please make sure that all surviving Jedis are attending the ceremony and organized in a central area without a lot of security.

I wish the Hall a great show, congratulations to all the other artists being inducted and to our fans we look forward to seeing you on tour!!


Anakin Skywalker

P.S. RIP Padmé, Long Live Yavin IV

Hat Tip to The Daily Mash’s Darth Vader resignation later for the inspiration to write this post.

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thanks for the free kindle

November 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I won a free Kindle, and I just wanted to say thank you.

Yes, this sounds like one of these spammy posts where you see banner ads saying “CLICK HERE FOR FREE GIFT CARDZ*” with the fine print indicating you need to take a three-hour survey, get twenty other people to sign up too, sell your first born child and give your Social Security number to a Nigerian prince.

This is none of that.  I won a Kindle by playing a game and guessing correctly at random once-a-weekday pop culture questions.  I also got help from a few of my friends, who I also want to thank.

First, about the game.  It’s called Prediction Monster.  There’s one question every weekday, and It’s like ESPN’s Streak For The Cash but with Pop Culture, Politics, Sports, etc.

There’s a daily question, and if you get it right you get one point.  If you have currently have the longest winning streak, you win a $5 Amazon gift card.  If there’s a tie for the top, the $5 rolls over to the next day and the next until you have a single winner.

Examples of recent questions:

  • How many Grammy nods will Adele get?
  • How many goals will Crosby score in his first game back?
  • How many user reviews will there be of the Amazon Kindle Fire by Midnight?
  • What will Groupon’s stock close at on the first day on the exchange?

There are also bonus questions they post on Facebook and Twitter, and if you get those right you get a bonus point.  If you get them wrong there is no penalty against your streak.

They have a weekly $5 prize as well to the person who got the most points in a given week which is reset at the start of each week.

Incentives should tell me that I want less people playing because if there are more people, the odds decrease of me winning.  However, they’ve added a referral program that if you include my name in the “Referred By” section on the registration, then if you win $5 then I also win $5.  So now, I’m telling all of you.

So far I’ve won $165.  Insane, right?  Some wins were thanks to my good guessing, and the rest came thanks to the referral program.

So I’d like to thank my friends Matt, Ryan, and Stephanie for their pop-culture prowess.

And, it doesn’t hurt to do some geeky analysis while we’re at it.

This chart shows total winnings and contributions by me and my friends over time.  You’ll notice how the individual bumps contribute to the total winnings.  I won first, followed by some wins by Ryan in late July, followed by a huge win by Matt in August, followed by an even bigger win by Stephanie in September.  I followed up in late October with a new streak, and currently sit at the $165 total.  You’ll notice that it’s been a bit of a plateau the past two months, so it looks like I need to try harder to win more.

Thinking about that last point, I plotted out my winnings vs. the possible winnings.  Each weekday there’s $5 up for grabs, and a $5 weekly prize, totaling $30 a week.  There’s also another $30 each week given out to the referrers (this assumes that each day the winner also has a referrer, which isn’t exactly true but without going through all my e-mails it’s the best I can guesstimate).

The light purple line is the total dollars won.  The green line shows overall percentage of my winnings vs. total given out.  I broke this into two categories, where the blue line represents where MY question answering earned me the prizes, and the red line is the referral percentage for when my friends did the work for me.

So, while I crushed it in the beginning in terms of how often I was winning, you’ll see that I haven’t been doing as well lately.  What I have benefited from in the long-run was my friends doing well which contributed to my winnings.  Each time one of them won, you see the bump in the red line.  Overall, I’m very happy to say that I’ve won about 12% of the time, considering how many people seem to be playing on the site.

My goal from the beginning was to win a Kindle.  When Amazon announced the new Kindle Touches, I jumped on the opportunity to get one.  I could have just gotten the wi-fi version for free, but I figured that I would pay the few extra dollars myself and I get the 3G version instead.  So TECHNICALLY I didn’t get an entirely free Kindle, but I could have if I wanted to get a cheaper model.

Now the next thing I need to figure out is how to hack my Kindle to get custom screensavers on it…

Thank you once again to my friends and to Prediction Monster.  Not only did I win my way to a Kindle, but the site and the game have been genuinely entertaining and I look forward to continuing to try to win.  Oh, and if you’re new to the game and sign up, make sure to put me as a referrer.  Those ebooks won’t buy themselves, you know.

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