a delicious breakfast sandwich

January 18th, 2009 · No Comments

I know I’ve been a slacker about posting, but I’ve finally had a chance to get my desktop up and running again.  There was a incident involving the registry (read: I killed the power to it when it was doing a Windows Update), but everything is honky-dory now.  I’m working on a photo project called “365” where you take a picture a day.


I’ve been good about taking my daily picture, but I’m currently in the process of putting together another WordPress site with a custom theme to showcase the photos.

For my birthday, my fabulous lady made breakfast sandwiches.  Here’s a picture.

ohhh, bacon!

ohhh, bacon!

I celebrated my birthday in style in Las Vegas.  And by “In Style” I mean that we watched the countdown on TV and threw a bunch of confetti on everyone, including Kristine’s dog, who by the way bids you good tiddings in 2009.


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