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So on Offworld, a gaming blog I read, they’ve started this thing called ‘backgames’, which is to describe a game backwards.

Here’s an example:

Pacman: Pacman fills mazes with dots, pausing only to regurgitate fruit & ghosts.

I think this is awesome to the max.  I’ve come up with some of my own, and I think everyone should play along.

R.C. Pro Am: Fastest car in the world drives backwards, spitting out letters that spell ‘ODNETNIN’ until it is really, really slow.

Super Mario 2: Mario falls asleep, runs through deserts and grassy plains planting vegetables until floating up to the heavens.

Tiger Woods Golf: Ball emerges from hole and launches itself to player’s club until reaching the tee box. Repeat 18 times.

Mario Party: Players move backwards on a gameboard in a charitable quest to give away all their stars and coins until they have none.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Stormtrooper resurrects Rebels by sucking in blastershots and bombs until there are 150 of them.

Bust-A-Move: Same-colored bubble clusters appear and dinosaur removes them until a nice pattern of random-colored ones are left.

If you post on Twitter, add “#backgames” to each of them because when you search “#backgames” on Twitter you’ll get all the posts that other people have backgamed about.

What other ones can we come up with?  If you have a twitter, you should twitter them too.  You have to limit it to 140 characters.

Here are some good ones from my friends:


Tetris: The parts of a horribly constructed building start floating away to the heavens while rotating in a random way.

Donkey Kong (arcade): Donkey Kong brings Mario a princess. The sight of her scares him though, so Mario tries to flee down a series of ladders.

Mortal Kombat: One player puts back together the other player’s body and they fight it out until they feel perfectly healthy at the end.

NBA Jam: The basketball hoop throws a flaming ball repeatedly to Dan Majerle.


NHL ’94: Basically a giant game of keepaway with nets that spit out pucks.  Also, the goalies are nice enough to help people off the ice.

John Madden Football: Receiver’s revenge!  Everyone throws balls at the quarterback.  Defensive backs thoughtfully help people up and get out of the way.

Super Smash Brothers: Looks exactly the same, except people come flying in from the sides, jump kick from really far away, and ascend to heaven on glowing platforms.

Minesweeper: OCD players fix a diverse mix of tiles until only smooth gray ones remain.

Solitaire: 4 holes suck up an entire deck worth of cards, then distribute them in an odd pattern.

Marble Madness: Looks exactly the same.

Ocarina of Time: Old warrior discovers fountain of youth, abandons princess to evil monster as he returns to childhood by giving away all his worldly possessions (very Buddhist).

And finally, PiFry take a jab at my card-playing skills:
: Corey accumulates money at a decent rate over a period of several hours.

Drew, who apparently has expanded this to non-video games:

Monopoly: The wealthiest players are apparently hit with antitrust laws, give everything away until socialism reigns.

Jeopardy: Players ask Alex Trebek extremely obvious questions, which he answers in the most difficult way possible.

Baseball: Random fan makes herculean 400 ft throw to strongman, who uses a stick to deflect it to a man about 60 ft away.

Pong: exactly the same as regular Pong.

Fun Fun!  Come up with some more!

UPDATE: Sweet!  The guy who started backgames left a comment and a link to his site, where he’s compiling a “Best of”.  Find it here:

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  • 1 Gabe "BackGames" McGrath // Feb 26, 2009 at 7:10 am

    Hi Corey,

    Found this post via Twitter.

    I’m the guy who started BackGames. I emailed offworld, started Tweeting it, and it’s…. kinda taken off!

    If you (or your friends) would like to submit any of your own “best work” in the official BackGames comments thread,
    you’re very welcome to do so:

    All the best.. and tseb eht lla!


  • 2 Mustafa // Mar 1, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Wow these are hilarious!

    Time to start coming up with some of my own.

  • 3 ArcadeFan // Mar 13, 2009 at 4:32 am

    Cool site 🙂

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