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I hope that I am like most people in saying that I enjoy playing with the paper shredder at work. Sometimes, when I’ve printed out something that I don’t need anymore, I COULD just put it in the recycling bin. But no, it definitely has to go through the paper shredder. I look at it as my way to help make the recycling process easier by already breaking down the paper into more manageable slivers.

With this in mind, I present a series of videos about different machinery that can crush and pulverize everyday objects.

Blendtec Blenders – “Will It Blend?

Blendtec has been running a series of YouTube videos for a few years now showing how great their blenders are by blending up everyday items like marbles, baseballs, golf balls, and crowbars. I think this is a fantastic marketing ploy because when it comes to blenders, how many of you can name a specific brand of blender? I can only think of Blendtec. Here are two of my favorites.

Hockey Pucks

Glow Sticks

SSI Shredders – “Watch it Shred!

Not to be outdone, SSI Shredders has come up with their own series of videos to demonstrate the capabilities of their industrial-sided shredding machines.

Bowling Balls


St. Thomas Creations – “Quattro Flushing Technology

St. Thomas Creations, a company that makes bathroom fixtures, has produced a video of their own showing how much their toilets can handle including three pounds of gummi bears and 20 golf balls. They’ve got the video on their site, but it looks like one of their distributors stuck the video up on YouTube.

Ahhh, technology.

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