Dog Goes Swimming

July 26th, 2012 · No Comments

This is the first in a series of photo posts related to my wedding.

Read with a faux British accent for the best effect.

“Hmmm, yes. It’s a hot day out.”

“I think I’ll have a quick drink.”

“Isn’t this water just the most delicious…”

“…oh hogwash!”

“Well now, this isn’t so bad now, is it?”

“Hmmm.  I’m falling asleep. I’m getting out.”

“Look at me. I’m going to do my rabbit impression!”

“A wild dog appears! It’s super effective!”

“Enough of these shenanigans.  I’m drying off now.”

“Let’s inspect the perimeter one last time to make sure I didn’t forget anything.”


“Is that Ball?”

“I swore I left Ball here a minute ago.”

“Oh well.  Let me face-plant here and take a nap.  We’ll find Ball later.”

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