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Last updated: July 4, 2017

I enjoy traveling whenever I have the opportunity.¬† I’ve decided, mainly for the preservation of these things in my own mind, to plot out points on a map the places that I’ve been to.

I’ve added a few self-imposed rules to this fun little game of mine:

Only places where I’ve done overnight trips count. There have been many cool places I’ve gone on daytrips, but for the purposes of these maps, I needed to have crashed somewhere, or taken a plane to get there.

Only places that I’ve been since starting college count. This means it starts with September 2003.

One mark per city. So, for example, even though I’ve stayed in multiple different places in Las Vegas, it only gets one mark.

Green Marks represent places I’ve been.
Purple Marks represent places I’ve been and include links to blog posts if I’ve blogged about my trip there.
Blue Marks represent places I’ve lived since September 2003.

Northeast United States:

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Entire United States:

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